Intern Interviews part 2!

I interviewed some of our interns from around the country about their experiences working for Beloved Streets of America. We are so blessed to have so many interns from so many different walks of life who contribute so many different strengths. One post is simply not enough to do them justice. Personally, I don’t think 100 posts would be, but we have to start somewhere. 🙂

Intern Profile

Ni Jie was the very first person from Beloved Streets I worked alongside. I had just gotten hired and had no idea what I was doing. Ni Jie swooped in and coached me through the ins and outs of our virtual office, explained work expectations, patiently answered all my stupid questions, and was generally just a fantastic supervisor and teammate. She recently completed her very first 200 hour internship with Beloved Streets of America and we simply could not let her go without honoring her.

This was Ni’s first internship with Beloved Streets of America, but she previously worked with Matter, an international NGO aiming to distribute health care and food across the world. Ni currently attends the University of Minnesota and majors in Psychology and Human Resources Development. She hopes to one day work as a field researcher in organizational psychology. “I think experience in BSA gives me a competitive edge,” she said, smiling.

Ni Jie, former HRC

1.What first attracted you to Beloved Streets of America?

It was a nonprofit. I have experience working in nonprofits and I like to work with them. It’s easier to connect, because we share a common goal.

2.What is/was working for Beloved Streets of America like?

It’s not like working in any organization. It’s more like working with several friends. It’s a small team, so they’re supportive. They listen to you a lot. The supervisors are always available to help.

3.What’s one thing you wish someone would have told you before you started working for Beloved Streets of America?

There’s high flexibility. BSA does not have very detailed policies and procedures, so some of the meetings would be like,“Our current goal is this and maybe you can do some research about that.” There were some ambiguous requirements. It’s like, “What? I don’t know what to do.” But after a while, it starts to feel helpful.

4.What was your favorite part about working for Beloved Streets of America? What are you going to miss?

I’m definitely going to miss my team mates. If I have more time for next semester, I’ll definitely come back. It might not be as formal, but depending on my schedule, I’ll definitely help out.

6.What’s the most valuable thing you will take with you as you move forward? What’s one thing you’d want everyone to know about interning here?

The most valuable thing is if you want to work in a team or work together closely, you really need to share the goal with each other. Be very open about goals. Leadership is asking: what’s the work in your dream look like? We can shape the world as we want to and make it a better place little by little.

7. What’s one piece of advice you would give to incoming interns—not just for Beloved Streets, but all over the country?

Don’t be afraid to be creative. Don’t be afraid to share ideas, because we value each other’s ideas. We are eager to hear each other’s ideas. As contributors, we are equal.


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