All We Want for Christmas… is help


Christmas is only 3 weeks away and all Beloved Streets of America wants this year is some support to help our hometown. In St. Louis, Crime is going down, but not fast enough. Street corners throughout the city are covered in stuffed animal memorials for the victims of shootings. Kevo, a local artist, even wrote a song about it, calling for the violence to end 

Meanwhile, the STLPD police the crime “hot spots,” but the problems beneath the violence lie so much deeper than any courtroom conviction.

James Clark, community outreach vice-president for Better Family Life (link), said it best in an interview with the New York Times: “There is a void the police can’t fill… Our neighborhoods are resource deserts. Every neighborhood needs a center with drug treatment, G.E.D. lessons, recreation for the kids”

If everything in our neighborhoods is either negative or broken, how can we expect anything good from them?

This is why St. Louis needs Beloved Streets of America. We must clean up our streets. We must create a place wherein love and prosperity is welcome to flourish. We must build the dream.

But we need your help!

  1. Donate to
  2. Follow our social media and share our posts to spread awareness
  3. Volunteer and intern for us!

Thank you, Beloveds!



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