More MLK $10 Challenge Videos

I just had to share with you all some of the videos people are making all over the country about what’s motivating them to give.

I shared my video on this blog a couple blog posts back. It’s been a hard go getting people to make their videos. I know personally it took me hours to make mine because I kept forgetting what I was supposed to say and having to start over, but it is for a wonderful cause. The people living on MLK streets need help. They are in the middle of food deserts and community violence. Their schools are far away or terribly underfunded. Employment is nonexistent or not sustainable. The very infrastructure of the streets is crumbling.

these are only two of the streets in the country, but I can assure you the rest are in no better condition, and that is not acceptable, not only because it is an insult to Martin Luther King’s legacy, but because there are people still living on these streets and they need help.

Therefore: I challenge all of you to donate $10 to, make a 1 minute video saying what you want to see improved on MLK streets, tag 3 people to take the challenge, and post it with the hashtag #mykingdream.

Let’s take back our streets

Because it’s not a black thing

It’s the right thing.


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