Volunteer Opportunities for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is almost upon us. Beloved Streets is taking part and asking for donations to fund our Martin Luther King Legacy Park and Hydroponics Farm. If you’re like me and the hundreds of other unemployed Americans, however, and are short on cash, but long on time, there are plenty of #givingtuesday charities that provide volunteer opportunities. Because Beloved Streets is a national company and #givingtuesday is an international holiday, here are some volunteer opportunities throughout the country!

1.Healthcare for the Homeless. Baltimore, MD. http://www.hchmd.org/

They provide quality, comprehensive healthcare for the homeless and impoverished. They need volunteers to work the front desk, pack healthy lunches for their clients, help lead art group, and survey their clients about the services offered. If you’re from Baltimore, you know homelessness is a huge problem, so if you want to be post of the solution, click the link and volunteer!

  1. Bailey House. New York City. http://www.baileyhouse.org/

Bailey House provides housing, health services, and community support for homeless with AIDS. They mainly ask for donations, but their website includes a volunteer form

3.United Way of Southern Illinois. Marion, IL. http://www.uwsihelps.org/volunteer

U.W.S.I. is the local chapter of an international organization. They promote independence within communities by uniting government, corporate, and nonprofit organizations to foster what they call “the three building blocks”: education, income, and health of individuals. Their volunteering opportunities vary by season, so go the website and contact the staff to find out more.

  1. Little Friends. Naperville, IL. http://littlefriendsinc.org/

Little Friends helps children and adults with autism. They provide comprehensive diagnosis, speech therapy, life skills guidance, therapeutic day school, vocational training for adults, and an art studio. Volunteering opportunities are only available for adult programs, but they include:

  • Event Volunteers to organize, set up, and supervise Little Friends events throughout the year.
  •  Volunteer Groups for projects throughout the year (project must be planned in advance with help from the Director of Special Events and Volunteers)
  •  Court-mandated community service (for if you’re having an especially crazy holiday early.)


  1. Heshima Kenya. Chicago, IL and Nairobi, Kenya. http://heshimakenya.org/

Heshima Kenya operates in Kenya to rescue, aid, protect, and shelter refugee girls and women throughout East Africa. Many of them were kidnapped and forced into sex slavery. Heshima Kenya provides a safe house for these women and raises money through donations and selling gorgeous handmade scarves from Nairobi. Volunteer by modelling said scarves, spreading awareness of their cause, and, if you have a specific idea to help, contact them from the website. Volunteer opportunities vary.

  1. Love Unlimited. Miami, FL. http://www.loveunlimitedfoundation.org/

Love Unlimited aims to break the cycle of poverty in Jamaica by raising money for the education of poor Jamaican children. They have two main events throughout the year: Love U Camp in the Summer and Give with Love Toy Drive in the Winter. Because both of these events take place in Jamaica, most volunteer opportunities involve recruiting donors and spreading awareness through social media, but if you have a specific skill you think could help or if you are part of an organization interested in partnering with Love Unlimited, email info@loveunlimitedfoundation.org

  1. Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. Miami, FL. http://www.efof.org/    E.F.O.F. provides epilepsy research, relief, and awareness. Volunteer to take part in one of their walkathon fundraisers!
  1. Highfields. Lansing, Michigan. http://www.highfields.org/

Highfields started as camp for troubled boys and evolved into a multi-purpose, human services organization that helps more than 8,300 people each year.They provide counseling, intervention, training, and support services to youth, parents, families, and organizations throughout Michigan. They do not currently have volunteer opportunities, but from November 23 to December 14, they are having a toy drive at these addresses


so if you live in Michigan and have any books, clothes, or toys you don’t need, head on over by December 14.

  1. Hand in Paw. Birmingham, Alabama. http://www.handinpaw.org/

If you live near Birmingham, love animals, and want to make a difference in someone’s life, Hand in Paw is your answer. Come volunteer with your pet to interact and improve the health and wellbeing of people through animal therapy! If you don’t have a pet, not to worry! As long as you enjoy interacting with others, Hand in Paw can always find something for you to do.

  1. Brave Heart Volunteers. Sitka, Alaska.  http://www.braveheartvolunteers.org/

Very few people are lonelier than long-term hospital patients around the holidays. If you volunteer with Brave Heart Volunteers, you can help by visiting patients with chronic/long-term illnesses and reading to them, doing crossword puzzles with them, coloring together, and most of the other things you probably do by yourself on a daily basis anyway. (Don’t act like you never got lost coloring. Those mandala coloring books are magical!)

  1. Singleton Moms. Scottsdale, Arizona http://www.singletonmoms.org/

Volunteer to help single moms who have cancer through tasks such as food deliveries and house cleaning.

  1. . Literacy Action of Central Arkansas.Little Rock, Arkansas  http://www.literacylittlerock.org/

For my lit nerds and human thesauruses, volunteer with Literacy Action of Central Arkansas by tutoring local students with their literacy skills. Teach a kid to read and give them the gift of a lifetime.

  1. Kids & Art. South San Francisco, California. http://www.kidsandart.org/

For all my artsy Californians out there, volunteer with Kids & Art and help teach art techniques to children who have cancer. You can also do things like blog for the organization and become a volunteer coordinator. Not only is this a great cause; it’s also a brilliant resume builder.

  1. Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, Colorado http://www.c4fap.org

If you’re looking for a way to help your community and develop professional skills, volunteer to assist in grant writing, event planning, promotions, tour leading, and more.

  1. National Diaper Bank Network. New Haven, Connecticut. http://nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org

For those of you completely unfamiliar with babies, parenting, or any other such thing, diapers are expensive, and necessary. Many underprivileged families go without food just to afford them. To rectify this problem, volunteer at a local diaper bank or host your own diaper drive!

  1. Mosaic in Delaware. Newark, Delaware. http://www.mosaicinfo.org/

Volunteer in numerous ways to give back to the community and provide support and services to those with an intellectual disability. 

  1. La Clinica Del Pueblo. Washington, Washington DC. https://www.lcdp.org

Volunteer in numerous ways to help ensure that the Latino community in Washington DC has access to healthcare.

  1. 211 Big Bend. Tallahassee, Florida. http://www.211bigbend.org/

The holidays are a very depressing and stressful time for a lot of people.Volunteer at 211 Big Bend to help. Become a hotline counselor and respond to calls to give emotional support and information about things like suicide prevention.

  1. Hands on Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia. http://www.handsonatlanta.org/HOC__Affiliate_Home_Page

For those of you in Atlanta with a desire to help, but unsure where to start, Hands On Atlanta directs to several varieties of service for several different causes, including:

  • Teen service
  • Family service
  • Senior citizen service
  • Child enrichment
  • Civic leadership
  • Environmental service

If you know of any charities involved in #givingtuesday or otherwise, post them in the comments with a brief description. Let’s all help each other out this season, because, at the end of the day, it’s not a black thing, it’s the right thing.


Half of the charities in this post were found by BSA’s other blogger, Deniz Namik. She also wrote the descriptions for La Clinica Del Pueblo, Center for Fine And Photography, Mosaic in Delaware, and Singleton Moms.

You can follow her blog at belovedstreets.wordpress.com

The featured image is Giving and Receiving by Belinda Paton. Look her up. She’s brilliant.


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