Hope After the Election

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post are mine (Belinda Sacco’s) and do not reflect the opinions or views of anyone else in Beloved Streets of America.

I am outraged and terrified by the election results , and I know I’m not the only one. This was an election built on fear ; the same old phobias, the same old promises, and so many of us either pretended it wasn’t happening or overlooked the trees for the forest in hopes that bluntness would somehow translate to honesty that now we are here, and there’s no turning back .

The good news, the hope afterwards, is we can still stand together. There are still rallies to attend, protests to join, shouts to raise, and people to help. Now more than ever, we must stand with our communities and build.

Your sacrifice doesn’t have to be huge. If you have a brother who needs a job, go job-hunting with him. If you have a sister who needs help with homework, help her. If you have friends depressed about the election, talk to them.

And if you have any resources to share, Beloved Streets of America is taking part in Giving Tuesday  on November 29th. Please help us realize our vision of beautifying MLK streets and uplifting the communities that need it.

If you’re mad, let’s be mad together.

Because it’s not a black thing, it’s the right thing.



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