Green Time

Good evening, Beloved supporters!

In case you missed it, President Melvin White, Vice President Andre Blunt, and Board Member Robert Powell sat down on Green Time TV on October 3rd with host Don Fitz to talk street clean up, urban agriculture, and job creation.

Beloved Streets on Green Time

In other news:

  1. President White and other St. Louis activists mentioned in the previous post continue to assemble and plan future collaborative projects to revitalize North St. Louis. We will take back all our streets; MLK Boulevard and beyond!
  2. Our gofundme page for the Martin Luther King Legacy Park still has zero donations. I can’t be the only one who thinks that that’s a problem. The Legacy Park is crucial not just for MLK Boulevard or Beloved Streets, but for North St. Louis, because it’s not just a park–it’s a cultural landmark. It is to commemorate a legacy of survival through the darkest of times. It is to remind our children that no matter how long the arc of the moral universe, it always bends towards justice.  It is to give us a place to unite and Dream. If you want any part of that, click the link to our gofundme  and donate or go online to to volunteer.

    Martin Luther King Legacy Park design by Derek Lauer
  3. We are hiring graphic designers. All our bloggers (myself included) need some stellar graphics to make our posts pop, so if you are interested in helping out a great cause while building up your portfolio and working with some of the most beautifully passionate people you will ever meet, head over to and apply! bsa_logo_youcanbookme_2016
  4. I’ve run out of things to type.


Good night, Beloveds!



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